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TinLizzie18 Apprentice


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Apprentice by TinLizzie18 is your affordable entry-level
machine that exceeds expectations!

Auto Stitch
Apprentice by TinLizzie18 features soft-touch button controls on each handle with an LCD display. When you select the famous Lizzie Stitch mode on the LCD screen, your machine coordinates with your movements; as you move the machine it sews, when you stop it stops with you. With stitch regulation so precise, and stitching as small as 23 stitches per inch, the Lizzie Stitch allows for even the finest micro-stippling.

Auto Needle Positioner
Apprentice by TinLizzie18 has the ability to stop in the needle up or needle down position with exact precision, minimizing bent or broken needles and allowing free movement of the machine.

Comfort Grip Handlebars
The curve style handlebars allow for easy movement of the machine and help to ease tension and tired muscles, making quilting easier.

Built-in Bobbin Winder with Large Bobbin
TinLizzie18 Apprentice long arm quilters offer a built-in bobbin winder that winds while you quilt, so your next bobbin is always full and ready. It also features the largest available bobbin capacity, the M-size bobbin.

Oil Reservoir
TinLizzie18 long arm quilters require little maintenance. The oil is self-contained so you no longer have to worry about oil on your quilts or oiling the hook with every bobbin change.

Bundled Frames
The Phoenix by TinLizzie18 is the frame specially designed for TinLizzie18 long arms. The Phoenix is a professional quality metal frame and is available in either a 10’ or 12’ configuration.

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