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Rent A Long Arm Quilt Machine

Finish your quilting project by renting a long arm quilting machine by the hour in our studio.

We rent our long arms by the hour in our studio. Debbie is always available and loves to help as needed. Quilting your own quilt is fun and you can even book a day with a friend so you can finish your quilts together. You can now choose between renting:
  • Lizzie at $24 per hour
  • Millie at $28 per hour.
New to long arm quilting? Don’t worry! We start you off with our long arm training session. This is a one-on-one training session where you learn by doing. The cost for the session is $99 and will take approximately three hours. You will learn how to:
  • Load your quilt top
  • Thread the long arm machine
  • Adjust tension
  • Quilt with a long arm
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A Quilters Home is open by appointment only. Please call ahead to reserve your time.